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Laboratory for Laser Precision Systems
Head of the Lab. Irina Palchikova

Main activity fields

    Development of theoretical and practical foundations for the creation of precision devices and systems for micron, submicronand nanotechnologies.
    Development of novel technologies for the synthesis of diffraction optical elements and equipment for their inspection.
    Production and supply to customers the laser writing systems for diffraction optical elements fabrication, high-precision angular scales, digitized limbs and multi-digit code disks
     The Laboratory of Laser Precision Systems was created as a scientific research department of the Special Design Office in 1990. The main scientific interests of the laboratory have become investigations in micron, submicron, and nanotechnologies.
     At the end of 1994, the laboratory completed the development of the prototype of a laser image generator CLWS -300 of submicron resolution.
     The development was based on results obtained by the Laboratory for Laser Technologies of the Institute of Automatics and Electrometry of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. The setup generates latent images of future elements in a light-sensitive material. Films of metallic chromium or photoresist are used as a material for the recording of images.
     The topology of elements is recorded in a mode of continuous circular scanning under computer control.
     Up to now, the laboratory has created improved models of CLWS - 300/С and CLWS - 300/С - М image generators. The latter model provides the recording of elements at curvilinear surfaces. This will make possible a wider use of computer-synthesized optics.
     The digital control systems of the setup provide:

  • movement of the recording head in the radial direction with a resolution of 0,6 nanometers;
  • movement of plates with photosensitive material in the angular direction with a resolution of 0,25 seconds of arc;
  • focusing of radiation at the surface of a photosensitive material with an error of up to 0,05 microns in a range up to 25 millimeters

    Laser image generators make it possible to manufacture:
  • high-precision angular scales and digitized limbs, multi-digit code disks; elements of diffraction optics;
  • nodes and elements of micromechanics;
  • and "format" master disks of optical memory.
Today, laser image generators CLWS-300/C and CLWS-300/C-М are successfully used in, Russia, Italy Germany and China.
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