X-Ray station for tomographic inspection of fuel element welded seams


Technical inspection of quality of fuel element welded seams for nuclear reactors.


It is based on X-Ray examination at different angles, transformation of shadow images into the digital form and program reconstruction of fuel element inner structure.

as independent working place of quality inspector. It contains, besides measuring unit, shoots for loading of inspected articles and unloading of fitted and rejected ones as well as the transport mechanism for the article displacement inside the system.

of inner structure
of fuelelement welded seams
Functional possibilities

  • built-in self-control, reconstruction of inner structure of welded seams, panoramic images
  • simultaneous visualization of sequence of sections
  • Technical specifications

    Radiation energy

    100 - 110 KeV

    Diameter of inspected object (zirconium)

    9.1 mm

    Number of sections in one putting

    up to 32

    Time of inspected object scanning

    120 s

    Time of one section reconstruction

    20 - 40 s

    Sensitivity to local defects as pores

    0.0001 mm3

    Scanner angular error

    no more than 6'

    Radial beating of spindle rotation axis

    no more than 20 µm


    12 bits

    Number of reading in projection


    Modular structure of tomograph's hardware and software makes possible to use it for inspection of different products.

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