For non-contact monitoring of external and internal sizes of products of a wide range of vacuum ceramics, including with a metallized surface.

Working of system is based on the principle of aggregation of various optical-electronic methods of measuring the sizes: shadow, structural lighting, television.

Controlled parameters

Measuring range

Limits of the permissible error

The inner and outer diameters

up to 45mm

+/-10 microns


0,8 - 10 mm

+/-10 microns

Alignment of the cylindrical surfaces

Non-flatness and non-parallelism of end surfaces

+/-5 microns

Defects - chipped at the edges

width is not less than 0.2 mm

One item check time

no more than 8 sec

Shadow image

           Metallized                                     Non metallized
        Real images of the rings with strips of structural lighting

      Split of metallization

1. Noncontact measurements
2. Quick response due to application of the modern element base
3. Friendly user interface

- measuring unit
- computer
- operator desk
- uninterruptible power supply
- the system saves information on all products in the MS Access database

Various ring products control with the parameters mentioned above produced by electronic,
mechanical engineering and other branches of industry.

The system is under testing at «NEVZ-Soyuz ( Novosibirsk city).

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