Optoelectronic system "PROFIL"
for surface defect measurement


Automatic noncontact defect depth and profile measurements over the surface of the fuel elements (TVEL) for nuclear power plant.

Principle of operation

of the System is based on the use of partially coherent light interference. During the measurement automatic depth scanning is carried out. Step by step the defect cross-sections are recorded. Using the set of cross-sections the profile of the measuring surface is reconstructed. Use of the direct measurement method, when the positions of surface points are registered directly, allows to provide a high accuracy and reliability of the results.


Measurement range X Y

2.3 x 2.3 mm

Depth resolution

1 Ám

Depth measurement error

5 Ám

Measurement range on depth Z


Measurement time

<15 s (depth 50 Ám)

Technical and Economical Advantages

  • Short measurement time
  • Measurement results are displayed on the monitor
         - overview of the defect as a three-dimensional model
         - depth isolines map
         - profile of a chosen surface cross-section enabling to estimate the parameters of the measured defect
  • Profile of a measured defect is recorded in a database for further study

  • Patent Situation

    The patent is applied for.
    The system is registered in the State Register as "Means of Measurement" (╣ 24403-03), and the RF certificate has been obtained (RU.C.27.007.A ╣ 14245).

    The system is operation at the Joint Stock Company
    "Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant" since 2002.

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