New generation of Laser generators of images on the basis of semiconductor laser

    Formation of a continuous profile of arbitrary topology on flat or curved surfaces.

    The image generator operation is based on image formation by the focused laser beam on the substrate. The substrate and laser are the parts of special mechanical system, which allows positioning of the laser beam spot on the substrate very precisely.
    The key to very high level of precision of this device is its control systems: one control system is employed for relative movement of laser and the substrate; the other system controls the intensity of the laser.

Spatial resolution

up to 1000 lines/mm


Resolution on radial coordinate

£ 1 nm

Resolution on angular coordinate

£ 0.25 angle sec.

Movement range on vertical coordinate

up to 25 mm


Auto-focusing error

+/- 0,05 microns

Photosensitive layer

chromium film, photoresist


Material of a substrate

glass, quartz  


1. The transition to semiconductor laser (λ = 405 nm)
2. Decrease of temperature drifts due to the special rebuild the mechanical parts.
3. Reduction of mass-dimensional characteristics.
4. The increase of the working path of the carriage in 2 times.
5. Increase in competitiveness of LGI-2 for through the use of precision sensor displacement and angular sensor from the famous manufacturers of the world.
6. The new software for the recording of 3D structures of the convex and concave surfaces.

    All this has allowed to considerably reduce the total error of record structures, increase the spatial resolution, dramatically improve the long-term stability the parameters of the system in comparison with the previous models CLWS-300 (on the basis of the argon laser).
    LGI-2 is aimed for the formation of continuous profile an arbitrary topology on flat or curved surfaces.

Test N100( two scales with the periods of 0.3 micron)

Interferogram surface diffractive optical element error wavefront λ/100

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