Optoelectronic system for industrial dimensional measurement of articles like bodies of revolution


Automatic noncontact measurements of geometrical parameters of articles like bodies of revolution.

The principle of operation

is based on measurement of geometrical parameters of an article by its shadow image. High precision and reliability of geometrical parameters measurements are provided by the use of intelligence algorithms of digital signal processing.

The system is designed

as four automatic working places:
  • Quality inspector's working place
  • Designer's working place
  • Production process technology master's working place
  • Measurement instrument inspector's working place
    A feature of the system is the possibility of extending the list of inspected articles by creation of a detail drawing with the help of computer-aided design facilities. The drawing is processed by a special program and used for working out an inspection strategy. The pictoriality of the obtained information about the inspected parameters makes the system indispensable in adjusting and testing the production process technology.
  • Functional possibilities

  • Automatic tuning for measurement of geometrical parameters of an article from its drawing, designed with the help of computer-aided design facilities (for example Auto CAD)
  • Automatic inspection of geometrical dimensions of the article and indication of measured parameters in a form suitable for an operator
  • Geometrical dimension measurement in hand-operate mode
  • Statistic information storage in database Access (MS Office 97), its processing and protocol issue of inspection result and statistic data
  • System self-testing
  • Specifications

    Measured parameters

    Measurement range

    Allowable error limit

    Outside diameters

    1... 13 mm<

    ±4 µm


    0.5... 60 mm

    ±40 µm

    Cone angle

    15... 45º


    Inspection time for one article ( ≈30 parameters) is no more than 15 s.

    The device is under Russian State certificate receiving.

    A system with different technical characteristics can be produced according to the agreement with Customer.

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