Automatic system for scattering plate inspection


Technological inspection of hole dimensions and distances between centers of sieve holes.

Functional possibilities

Automatic mode:
  • Positioning of scattering plates
  • Inputting of a hole image into a computer
  • Measurement of hole dimension
  • Measured parameter storage in database
  • Measured parameter visualization on the monitor
  • Inspection result printing as a map where holes, whose dimensions are inconsistent with the determined value range, are marked Manual mode:
  • Determination of the coordinates of the center
  • Measurement of inscribed and circumscribed circle diameters
  • Measurement of the area of the hole indicated by an operator
  • Specifications

    Inspected scattering plate diameter

    ≤200 mm

    Measured hole diameter

    1... 5.5 mm

    Hole diameter measurement error

    ▒3 Ám

    Table movement range X Y

    0... 200 mm

    Reading error of table position

    ▒20 Ám

    Measurement error of distance between centers of sieve holes

    ▒40 Ám

    One hole measuring time

    ≤0.5 s

    Time of the movement to the next position

    ≤1 s


    The system may be used in different industries for analytical sieve inspection.

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