Optoelectronic system for industrial dimensional measurement of articles like bodies of revolution


Automatic noncontact geometrical parameter inspection of articles like bodies of revolution with thread.


It is based on shadow measurement method wherein the shadow image of moved article is scanned by CCD cameras in two orthogonal projections. High precision and reliability of geometrical parameter measurement are ensured by use of intelligence algorithms of digital signal processing.

The system is designed as independent working place of quality inspector.

A peculiarity of this system is that the list of inspected articles can be extended by creation the detail's CAD-drawing. It is subjected to special program processing and used for working out the inspection strategy.


  • Automatic turning for measurement of article's geometrical parameters from its CAD-drawing
  • Automatic inspection of article's geometry
  • User-friendly interface of operation program
  • Geometrical parameter measurement in hand-operated mode
  • Statistic data storage and processing
  • System's self-testing and metrological self-inspection
  • Inspected parameters

    Measurement range

    Allowable error limit

    Outside diameters

    0.5... 11 mm

    ±0.005 mm


    0.5... 150 mm

    ±0.010 mm

    Cone angle

    0... 90º



    6... 10

        outside diameter

    ±0.010 mm

        middle diameter

    ±0.010 mm


    ±0.007 mm/

    Inspection time for one article ( ≈30 parameters) is no more than 15 s.

    The systems with other technical characteristics can be produced according to the agreement with Customer.

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