Optoelectronic system for industrial dimensional inspection of fuel element parameters


Automatic noncontact inspection of geometrical parameters in power-generating systems.


It is based on shadow and triangulation measurement methods. The inspected article is automatically loaded into the measuring unit and its scanning (rotation and displacement) is carried out. Shadow images of article's sections registered by multielement photoreceiver are processed by high-speed signal processors, calculating the inspected parameter values. High precision and geometrical parameter measurement reliability are ensured by use of intelligence algorithms of digital signal processing.

The system is designed

as independent working place of quality inspector. It contains, besides measuring unit, shoots for loading of inspected articles and unloading of fitted and rejected ones as well as the transport mechanism for the article displacement inside the system.


  • Automatic measurement of geometric parameters including indication of measured values and sorting on the “fitness reject” principle
  • Geometrical parameter measurement in hand-operated mode
  • Measurement result processing with read-out of inspection and statistic data
  • System's metrological self-inspection by number of measurers with protocol issue
  • System's self-testing

  • Specifications

    Inspected parameters

    Measurement range, mm

    Allowable error limit, mm

    Outside diameter

    34... 41

    ± 0.010


    100... 110

    ± 0.030

    Bulge height and welded joint hollow depth

    + 0.6... - 0.4

    ± 0.030

    Straightness deviation


    ± 0.020

    Inspection productivity......................................200 items per hour

    The systems with other technical characteristics can be produced according to the agreement with Customer.

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