Ñognitive vision system

The experimental sample of stereoscopic display of immersive type with biground
eyepieces stimulating the accommodation of eyes.

   There was created a new technology of stereoscopic 3D images in which stereo-pair, which are not flat, but three-dimensional images on surfaces visible within each element of the image, or in «pixel» viewing pyramid. Thus, every pixel of the stereo pair, along with flat XY coordinates receives a third coordinate D=1/Z, where D is the depth in diopters, Z is the distance in metres.
   Even monocular image becomes three-dimensional.

   The field of view of 28î x21î at 100% overlap,
                                37îx 21î at 60% ceiling of monocular fields.
Resolution 800 x 600 - two microdisplays of OLED type on the eyepiece.
Range of depths 1m – ∞
Frame rate of 60 Hz

   3D display with agreed incentives adjustment and convergence provides a natural and comfortable visual perception of space without binocular stress.

Clear image - in the foreground, Defocused - in the background;

Unsharp image in the foreground, Sharp - in the background

Volumetric images (1m – ∞)
The technology is focused on the development of simulators new generation, as well as for use of IT-technologies in show-business.

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