Automated control system of heat-vacuum tests of the spacecraft,
including simulation the conditions of space

ACU HF TVT capabilities:

•   measurements of the current settings in large-size horizontal vacuum chamber HVS
     (Horisontal Vacuum System) -600 (volume of more than 600 m3);
•   performs analysis and management of all subsystems of the camera;
•   carries out automatic control of the tests;
•   provides an analysis of emergency situations and automatic control of algorithm termination of testing
    in a mode of “save the test object”;
•   stores all data about the course of tests in the database and makes a full report about any tests conducted.

•   temperature at given points of the spacecraft (>103 different points in the range from -150 to +150);
•   cryoshields temperature;
•   residual pressure in the chamber;
•   vacuum purity;
•   power and sources of heat flows (about 500 modules with a capacity of up to 2.5 kW management and resolution of 0.5 W).

•   a large quantity of controlled and managed subsystems (> 10);
•   a large quantity of controlled, analyzed and managed parameters (> 2 x 103);
•   high dynamic range changes of controlled and managed parameters (> 5 x 103);
•   ability to perform a real-time calculation of control signals and control algorithms for all the parameters depending
    on the conditions of the experiment;
•   inclusion in the structure of ACU HF (except control or hardware) of the developed original executive systems
     (system of a supply of power to sources of heat flows, the system of regular and emergency power supply, etc.);
•   high requirements to reliability of ACU HF TVT: observance of continuity of tests during 720 hours without a single
     crash or turning off,the system warranty period is 5 years, terms of operation of the system - 17 years.

View of one of the sections with the equipment

Workplaces of operators and the test manager of ACU HF TVT

Mounting of the camera of Horizontal Vacuum Chamber

    Thanks to the original algorithm based on physical properties of object of tests and properties of the stand,
there’s made a calculation of control signals and their sequence, providing thermobalance tests to apply to hundreds
of points simultaneously in a real-time mode.

     This equipment is manufactured for full testing of space vehicles taking
into account the new standard of their service life (up to 15 years).
     In general, the system can be used for all tests in the temperature range from -150o to +150o.

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